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Working on set can often be confusing and there are always RULES that need to be followed. Please review this page and the links above to learn more about what is expected of you while you are working as an Extra. Following these guidelines will help make your time on set a more pleasant experience for everyone!


  • Always remember that this is a JOB that you have been hired to perform and it should be treated as such.
  • Always assume that you will be on set for at least 12-15 hours. Do not book a job if you can not commit to the entire day and/or night. We do not know, nor does production, how long you will be on set. The longer you work, the more you get paid. If you have another job to go to on the day of a shoot, do not take that booking with us. We will not let you leave set to go to your other job or to go home to release your babysitter.
  • Show up ON –TIME!
  • Parking is always provided for you. Be sure to park ONLY in areas designated as either Crew or Extras Parking. There will be signs leading you to these areas.
  • Always follow the wardrobe instructions for your character to the best of your ability and bring as many options as possible. Costume Departments LOVE working with Talent who are prepared for their role and often feature those with great wardrobe selections.
  • Show up with your hair and makeup already done according to the character you were booked for. Ladies – please don't show up with no makeup on at all or your hair in curlers. Men – make sure facial hair is well groomed (unless you are playing a mountain man!) LOOK YOUR BEST WHEN YOU ARRIVE! You will NOT have time to get ready once you are already there!
  • Go immediately to the Extras Holding or Extras Check-in area to sign in. Do NOT linger around the catering tables, hang out with your friends, get breakfast or go to wardrobe or anything else before you have signed in. You MAY be considered late and be sent home if you have not checked in right away.
  • Do not push to the front of the check-in line. There will usually be a separate line for specialty types who need to be called first to set and there will always be a separate line for SAG/AFTRA (union) members who have been booked as union.
  • You MUST always have TWO forms of valid identification with you in order to work.
    • (1) Main Form of Non-Expired Photo ID which can include: US Passport, Drivers License issued by any US state, Military ID, College or School ID Card
    • (1) Secondary form of ID which can include: Social Security Card, Birth Certificate
    • MINORS can provide other forms of ID. Please check with your Casting staff when being booked to see what forms of ID you should bring with you.
    • Union members should be prepared to show your SAG or AFTRA card.
  • You will be given a form to complete, which is called an Extras VOUCHER. This is your time card and receipt for working. BRING A PEN to fill out your paperwork. Be sure to write legibly and fill out ALL information on your voucher completely to avoid delay in payment.
  • Once you have checked-in and gotten your voucher, listen carefully and follow all instructions you are given by the on-set Coordinator.
  • DO NOT bring valuables with you to work. Neither Casting nor Production will be held responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged on set. Leave them at home to avoid any problems!
  • Do not bring friends, family or pets to set. You are in a business environment and should conduct yourself accordingly. MINORS under the age of 18 MUST have (1) adult Parent or Guardian with them at all times. Additional parents or siblings are NOT allowed on set.


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