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Tina Kerr, Owner/Casting Director
Tina Kerr began her career in casting as a result of her involvement in the late 80's/early 90's Seattle music scene. While hanging out with some musician friends at a party for the film "Singles", she met some great production crew who jump-started her interest in making movies. It all started in 1992 while Seattle was the "it" place for filming, allowing Tina to handle Extras Casting for over (30) projects in the Pacific Northwest before broadening her horizons.At the time, there were very few extras casting companies in remote cities/states, so On Location Casting was created to provide professional casting services "on location" wherever there was a need.  
Los Angeles also quickly became a very busy market for Tina's type of hands-on creativity and casting skills.

Although her first career choice was accounting, Tina feels that she was chosen to work in casting for many reasons – her organizational skills, her natural instincts to see the right person for every role, her ability to interact with all types of people from various economic/social/ethnic backgrounds, her fearlessness to take on projects that most people find impossible and the ability to rise to the challenges that filmmaking presents.

"I am a military brat and have lived all over the country. Traveling and always being the 'new kid' in class helped me to hone my ability to walk in to a room or situation, immediately assess the environment and make the most of it. Like an actor, I have learned to be a chameleon and play various roles. I use that in my approach to casting and working with talent. Some of my favorite moments are bringing the movies to people who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to see a film or television show being made and watching the joy they get from their experiences. I have met so many amazing people during my career and have grown so much from the opportunities that casting has provided."

A few more interesting tidbits from Tina:
- Most people would say I'm a workaholic and I'd probably have to agree
- I have an annoying habit of hearing a word or phrase and immediately finding a song lyric that it belongs in
- I love animals of all kinds and have been a vegetarian for over six years
- favorite sports team is the San Antonio Spurs
- yes, I WAS named after the character 'Ginger' (Tina Louise) on "Gilligan's Island"

Some causes that Tina supports and believes strongly in include the ASPCA, The Humane Society,, The Leatherback Trust, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Ocean Conservancy, American Diabetes Association and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Tina is a member of Austin Film Society, Women in Film Dallas, Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TXMPA), Reel Women, Women in Film New Mexico and Women in Film Las Vegas.

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Kathleen Kendrick, Casting Administrator

Kathleen began working with On Location Casting as an Extras Casting Assistant in 2003 in Los Angeles and got her start on such feature films as “Soul Plane”, “Little Black Book” and “Coach Carter”. She has worked in the OLC offices booking extras, coordinating groups and also on set wrangling talent.

Kathleen has spent 20+ years as a Ballroom Dance instructor and in addition to working with On Location Casting, is also the owner of The Art of Dance ballroom dance studio in McKinney, TX. 


Kathleen’s ability to engage with students and her teaching skills transfer over perfectly to her role as Casting Administrator, as she is often working closely with both Talent and Clients.

Having managed her own successful business for many years makes Kathleen the perfect person to handle the administration aspect of On Location Casting because she knows how to stay focused, organized, balanced and take care of business.

Kathleen is a member of Dallas Women in Film and the Texas Motion Picture Alliance. She lives in McKinney, TX and would be happy to teach you how to dance sometime!

Karin Aragon, Casting Director

Karin Aragon was born and raised in Laguna Beach, CA and began her film/television career as an Extras Casting Assistant with OLC in 2007 on the feature film “Freedom Writers”.  Her work in casting has taken her to locations such as Nashville, Austin, Dallas, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and other continually exciting new places.

Karin has a wonderful rapport with talent and is an incredibly hard worker. She will be the first one to work and the last one to leave, always making sure the job is done right and that talent as well as production are well taken care of. 


Her love of fashion and previous experience in retail design go far in assuring that OLC provides the best talent for the job and that they always have appropriate wardrobe selections!

For Karin, the most interesting part of Extras Casting is researching, finding and nurturing new talent. She loves meeting new people and opening them up to new experiences.

Karin is a member of Women in Film New Mexico.

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Scott Blasko, Casting Coordinator

Scott Blasko is a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida native who moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2004.

Scott began working with On Location Casting as an on-set Coordinator on the 2005 feature film “Adam & Steve” in Los Angeles and has since worked on many other projects in various locations such as Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Austin, Tucson and St. Louis. He travels frequently to work on projects wherever he is needed. Although you will primarily find Scott on our OLC sets, he is also trained in booking extras so you may hear his voice on the phone from time to time too.

A musician by trade, Scott brings his abilities to perform in front of a crowd and entertain audiences to his role as a Casting Coordinator. Working on set with all types of people is a natural extension of his performance personality and experiences and gives him the ability to relate well with talent.

Some causes Scott supports include the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

Scott's IMDB Profile

Kara Dukes, Casting Assistant
Kara Dukes is from the small town of Jackson, TN. She is new to the film world. Her love for the arts started when she began doing community theatre as a child. In 2013 she did some extra work on the TV show "Nashville" which boosted her interest in working in television. Kara joined the OLC team as a Casting Assistant in 2014. When she's not booking talent, she enjoys taking improv classes and making people laugh. Thanks to On Location Casting, she is able to make her co- workers laugh by doing impressions and having TV show and movie quote-offs all while working to book talent behind the scenes.  
Alejandro Rodriguez, Casting Assistant
Alejandro was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Albuquerque, NM. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor's in Economics and started working with On Location Casting as an extras casting assistant in 2014. 

Prior to casting, he worked at an investment bank and for On Location Casting as an extra.  Now Alejandro is also diversifying his work in the film industry with work as a production assistant and actor, though he does enjoy building his casting resume. 
Joyce Blasko, Casting Assistant

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Andrea Cothern, Extras Casting Associate

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