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Here are some of the things Talent had to say about On Location Casting...

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  Thank you all for providing so many of us in Austin with fun work. You have hired five out of our six family members now and it was been a great experience each time. Where else could a stay at home mom be a power broker and hip and trendy New York party queen? Hope you continue your casting in Texas for several more seasons. Your team is greatly appreciated.
Cheryl Bond Danks
Austin, TX
  I have got to thank you On Location Casting because without you guys casting me as an extra they would have never noticed me thank you again!!!!! you guys are so awesome!!!!!
Nicholas Martinez
Albuquerque, NM
  A big thanks to OLC, the crew of Fright Night, and all the other extras that were there last night!! I had a blast and can't wait until next time!!!! Thanks Again!
Randy Haugen
Albuquerque, NM
  Thank You Tina and crew for a great Season on The Good Guys!! I had an amazing time, everyone on set from cast, crew and all the extras are so kind and great fun to be around . You are the best and you all did a great job keeping it all together. thanks so much . I look forward to a new season ... Bless you all!
Roni Hummel
Arlington, TX
   Thank you Tina & Karin for all you did to book extras for "The Good Guys" this season!!! I thought you did an amazing job keeping it all together! You Rocked! I wish you great success on all of your projects and look forward to working with you again sometime in the near future.
Cathrine Hatcher
Dallas, TX
  Thanks for everything OLC! It's been a great year working with you from the pilot episode of what was to be "Midland" all the way through the season finale of "The Good Guys". I appreciate the work, the experience, new friends & good times! I look forward to working with you all again in the future. :-)
Justin Harmon
Denton, TX
  Thank you for letting me "serve you" as a Waitress extra in The Good Guys today! Great Crew and wonderful casting agency!
Sheila Nicholas
Dallas, TX
  I enjoyed working last week in Bastrop on the Bernie film. First time working with On Location Casting and really had fun. I would love the opportunity to work again on this project or any other projects. Thanks
Robin Kolton
Elgin, TX
  My first time working with On Location Casting (here in Albuquerque) and I must say I found the staff to be very professional and courteous, and that made for a very enjoyable experience overall!! Great job ladies and gents, THANK YOU, and hope to work with you all again soon!! Best Regards--- Patrick.
Patrick Juarez
Albuquerque, NM
  Sooo excited for tomorrow's shoot!! The OLC casting team is incredible...I am thrilled to have been invited back!
Lisa Kowalsky Hammel
Austin, TX
  As we participate in the filming of this final episode of The Good Guys, I just want to say thanks to Karin and Tina for a great run this season! You are professional, hands-on, and do care about what you do! And I have enjoyed working with you!
Anthony A. Kung
Frisco, TX
  Karin I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be in Blood Brothers, it's my first movie and I really appreciate it!! PLEASE call me if you can use me again, I had an awesome time.
Victoria Valdez
Albuquerque, NM
  Karin Thank You very much for casting me yesterday for the Blood Brothers Bar scene. I really appreciate it you all are always very welcoming and friendly. I can't wait to get on set again Thank you! God Bless
Lucas Jackson
Albuquerque, NM
  Had an awesome day on the set of Bernie! Thanks OLC for calling me! Can't wait to continue tomorrow! Awesome crew and cast!!!
Gayla Bruce
Austin, TX
  On Location Casting ROCKS!
Maverick Shaw
Austin, TX
  Thank you Tina, Had a great time on Blood Brothers set on Tuesday. Always so professional and great people to work with.
Victor Vigil
Los Lunas, NM
  I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, and really let ya'll know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You scheduled me last Friday as a male utility stand-in, and not long after I arrived Matt Nix ended up casting me in the role of a Dallas Strike Force member. I ended getting to work up until last night up close and personal with one of my favorite actors, Michael Shanks, and learned a lot from the other actors and real military personnel. I know I would never have been given that opportunity if you hadn't sent me in on Friday. Thank you OLC!!
Brandon Noack
Plano, TX
Tina and the gang, my teenage sons are making a movie that they plan on entering in Sundance. Yesterday was the biggest shoot and you were very much a part of it. Josh had a table set up to sign in all the extras. He had them come in at staggered call times and his friends were signing them in all day. At one point, I commented on how organized he was and he commented back to the effect that that was how Tina did it. So some day, this boy will be accepting an award and I’m sure you’ll be mentioned. Just know that as you go about your day, doing your job and running your company, you’re making a difference...
Loriann Schwartz Zello
Selma, TX
  Hey guys it's Chiara. I would also like to thank On Location for making this possible!!! Nick and I are so grateful and super excited!!!!
Kiki Brokaw
Albuquerque, NM
  Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you on "Fright Night"! Everyone was so nice and professional. I met some interesting people and made new friends!! :) I'd love to work with you again!
Stephanie Maddox
Albuquerque, NM
  Thank you On Location Casting! I had a great time on the 'Fright Night' set. A special thanks to Karin and Kevin. So professional.
Tracy Villa Carrera
Albuquerque, NM
  Thank you so much for the opportunity to work on Fright Night...I loved it had another great experience working with your crew. love love working with the crew. Everyone was professional, it was smooth.
Chandra Ursule Brown
Albuquerque, NM
  Thanks so much, Karin, Tina and co. for the last few days...had a blast dancing/hanging out with great people (and getting "knocked out of the way" by Colin). It was a "tough job" but I guess somebody's got to do it ;-p
DT Quan
Albuquerque, NM
  Thanks again Tina and Karin you guys are awesome. I am enjoying working with you!! =]
Grizelda Quintana
Rio Rancho, NM
  Had an absolutely fantastic time working today with OLC on the set of My Generation. My 2 yr old son Wyatt had a blast and exclaimed, "more, more!" when he was done. Thanks for making this such a great experience :)
Holly Todd
Cedar Park, TX
  Thanks for all your kindness and help. And not to mention the endless calls and e mails keeping me and I am sure some others on track. Good luck and Take care.
Rita Norris Jones
Plano, TX


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