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Once you receive a confirmation email that your registration has been accepted and your talent profile has been approved, you are automatically active in our talent database and are eligible for work! (Please be aware that due to the way our software company Agency Pro is set up, your account will still be listed as 'not-active' although it is an active file in our system).

Congratulations!!! Now what??

The casting for our projects is primarily done in-house, directly from our talent database. Selections are made in our office, so we will not usually put out general calls for daily castings. We hand-pick our talent based on the specific needs of each individual project, so we may not always have constant work for everyone.

Coach Carter

It is not necessary to submit yourself for work on specific projects unless requested, as we will contact you IF/when you are right for a role we are casting. You will automatically be considered for work when we do talent searches for specific types in your area. Make sure your zip code is correct otherwise you won't come up in a local search.

Additionally, talent is sometimes "picture picked" by our Director and we have to hire who they have chosen. Before your photo is submitted to a Director, we will often call you to check your availability and ask your permission to be submitted for consideration.

Be sure to become a Fan of On Location Casting on FACEBOOK – we frequently post submission requests on our Facebook page! This is also a great place to keep in touch with the OLC Extras community, ask questions, reconnect with on-set friends and more.

We do not use an availability hotline, nor do we cast from unsolicited talent availability, as this slows down our casting process. If we had to spend the time listening to hundreds of availability voicemail messages every day, we wouldn't have time to do our job properly.

It is NOT necessary to pay for the OPTIONAL Agency Pro upgrades in order to get work. We will hire anyone in our talent database regardless of the type of account you have signed up for.

Stephen Kings: Desperation
Most Extra jobs only last one day, but there can be others that are multiple days or even weeks. Stand-in jobs are usually for the run of the show and could last several months. Be sure to only accept a job based on your personal availability for the length of time required for that job. If you are not available for work when we call, you will still be called again for other work opportunities in the future. Be honest about your time limitations.

How does Talent get booked for work then??

  • Make sure your profile is always up to date with current photos, special skills and contact information.
  • Have good photos in your profile so that you are selected before others who might have similar skills.
  • Check your voicemail and email frequently to see if you have been contacted for work.
  • Return our calls as soon as possible when we leave messages for you. We contact more talent than we need for each role, so responding quickly is very important!
  • Leave a detailed message when you call us back, so that we know you are interested. Speak clearly and be sure to leave your first & last name AND your phone number.
  • Watch the Casting Notices page.
  • Keep an eye on Facebook for submission requests.
  • Have all of your special skills listed in your profile so we know how to properly book you.
  • Once a project office number is posted – check in once a week with that project office to see what bookings are available for your type. Keep in mind, if you've already worked once, we will probably not have anything else for you on that project. Project office numbers will be posted by state with the Casting Notice for each project - Please do NOT check in regularly with our general local office contacts unless specifically requested to do so.
  • Send us an occasional email to let us know you are looking for something and what your availability is.
  • Post or email feedback that can be used as Talent Testimonials if you've had a positive experience on one of our sets! (*you can also post negative feedback too, we want to know how we can make your experience more enjoyable).

We understand that you would LOVE to work multiple days on every single project we are casting. Please be patient with us. We do not have tons of projects going on in every single state, 24/7/365, that would enable us to employ everyone on a regular basis. More often than not, we can use someone in one or two scenes only and then have to hire "NEW faces" for the rest of the shoot. Don't take it personally – we just can't see you on screen in a variety of places or re-use talent.


We can NEVER guarantee you work.

We do try to be fair and we do try to keep people working as best as we can, but are limited to the locations of our projects & the specifications of each project. We don't just cast bodies and we try to ensure that only the right people are being hired for the job, so that it looks right!

Our booking process is really quite simple:

- You will receive a phone call or email from someone in the casting office checking your availability.

- If you are able to make yourself available for the entire requested shoot day, we can hire you.

- You will be given a verbal or emailed "booking confirmation".

- Once you receive this booking confirmation, you are considered BOOKED (hired for the job).

- At the time of your booking you will be instructed to check the Booking Details section of this website to get all of your work information (call time, location, wardrobe, contact person, emergency number). Booking Details are posted every evening after 8:00pm for the following work date.

- Be sure to always have a pen and paper close by to write down all of your booking details very carefully or print out the page of information. Do not try to memorize your work information as it is usually quite lengthy.

- After you have received your verbal or written booking confirmation, it is up to you to get your details and show up at the right time, right place and with the right wardrobe. We will not contact you again before your work date.

- If you have not been specifically told that you are BOOKED, then you have not been hired for that particular job. Do not take it personally if you are not booked – we have probably just filled the spaces available for that role.

- Often, people will check the details for a job and just show up to see if there is any work available. This is called "Speccing". We do not encourage you to "spec" a job, but if we have people who don't show up for their booking and we have to replace them – we will sometimes put you on IF you've brought the required wardrobe with you and fit the look of the scene.

Once you have been booked - PLEASE try to avoid canceling at all costs!! Cancellation should only be done if you have an emergency that can absolutely not be avoided. In this event, call the casting emergency number you are given at the time of booking IMMEDIATELY. Do not just not show up ("no-show") as if leaves us short on our count of Extras for the day. **Please review our CANCELLATION POLICY carefully!!!

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