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Below you will find information on NEW projects and specific casting notices.  Although we strive to keep you up to date and informed at all times, there will be times when no new information is posted.  All this means is that we are busy trying to book you for work and have cast from within our database rather than posting detailed information about each project. To view a list of all On Location Casting projects, CLICK HERE.

To find out about projects in your area – click on your state on the map below:



Tennessee - Rascal Flatts music video

Florida - Rascal Flatts music video

Louisiana - Drake White music video

New Mexico - "Independence Day 2"

California - Commercial

Texas - "Taking Flight"

California - "Taking Flight"

New Mexico - "Manhatten"

Texas - "American Crime"

New Mexico - "The Messengers"

Tennessee - "Nashville"

Texas - "Revolution"

New Mexico - "Search Party"

Tennessee - "Boulevard"

Texas - "Lee Harvey Oswald" - History Channel

Tennessee - "Nashville" - ABC

Arizona - "Celebrating Unstoppable Moms"

Missouri - "Celebrating Unstoppable Moms"

Oklahoma - "Celebrating Unstoppable Moms"

New Mexico - "Celebrating Unstoppable Moms"

Texas - "Celebrating Unstoppable Moms"

Texas - "Chasing Shakespeare"

New Mexico - "Jacky"

Florida - "All Worked Up"

Georgia - "All Worked Up"

Texas - "Fatal Attractions" - Animal Planet

New Mexico - "Odd Thomas"

New Mexico - "As Cool as I Am"

Georgia - "Tru TV Reality Show"

New Mexico - "In Plain Sight" - Episode 407

Florida - "All Worked Up" TruTV Project

New Mexico - "In Plain Sight" - Episode 406

New Mexico - "In Plain Sight" - Episode 405

New Mexico - "In Plain Sight" - Episode 404

Texas - "Day of Delusions" - Independent Film

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