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Please review our CANCELLATION and NO-SHOW POLICY carefully as it will affect your bookings with OLC.

We need everyone to understand that when we are booking you, we are HIRING you for a JOB. This is a job like any other and you are making a commitment to work with us. We rely on you to be there when you say you will.

What you might not realize is that when you don't show up or you cancel, we are the ones responsible for your actions and 'behind-the-scenes" we are frantically scrambling trying to replace you. We have to work over-time and we get into trouble by our Producers because you don't show up. This makes us look bad. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

Although we do understand that life has its little emergencies that come up last minute, we appreciate honesty and the courtesy of a phone call or some warning so that we can try to cover for you as needed. Keep in mind that we have been working in this business a very long time and have heard every imaginable excuse there is! Please do NOT accept a booking if there is even a remote possibility that you may have a schedule conflict.

What is a NO-SHOW/NO-CALL?
A NO-SHOW/NO-CALL is if we have booked you for work and you do not show up without calling in to let us know you will not make it. We will continue to try and reach you to find out why you are not on our set and if you do not return our calls, it will be listed as a No-Show/No-Call to indicate that you did not bother being held accountable for your actions and we were not given a reason for you not making it to work. This is one of the worst types of notes to have in your file and it will result in immediate termination.

What is a NO-SHOW?
A NO-SHOW is if we have booked you for work and you do not show up but you call us or return our phone call to explain the reason for your failure to appear. Although you will still have a No-Show listed in your file, we will carefully consider your excuse and discuss it with you before making a decision as to whether you can continue working with us. Please do your best to let us know if you are not going to be able to make it! Please don't tell us you are on your way, in the parking lot, etc, if you absolutely won't be showing up. Honesty works best and will probably allow you to keep working with us.

It will be considered a Last Minute Cancellation if we have booked you for work and you call us less than 24 hours before your scheduled call time to say you aren't able to work. Although you will still have a Last Minute Cancellation listed in your file, we will carefully consider your excuse and discuss it with you before making a decision as to whether you can continue working with us.

If you were booked for work and have contacted us at least 24 hours or more before your scheduled call time, we will likely still have time to replace you. Although we prefer that you don't cancel at all, we understand and we will accept cancellations with notice without penalty but will still note the cancellation in your file. We wouldn't recommend having multiple cancellations in your file, even with notice.

We keep very detailed records in your talent portfolio of bookings, work history, cancellations and no-shows. Since this is a job, we may ask for a doctors' note or verifiable references to support your excuse. A double booking, a last minute audition, not being able to get a ride or afford gas money - are NOT valid excuses!

If you have two or more negative notations in your file without valid excuses -WE WILL NOT BOOK YOU FOR WORK AGAIN. This means that if you are banned on one project, it will carry over to the next project and you will not work on any show being cast by On Location Casting.

Please do not take jobs away from those who really want to work and who will show up on time, with the correct wardrobe and with a good attitude. There are a lot of great background actors in our database and the few irresponsible ones who don't take their roles seriously only ruin the experience for everyone else.

We take our jobs very seriously and pride ourselves on doing a great job & providing the best talent there is. We expect YOU to be that best talent.

We reserve the right to refuse or deny talent
applications or work to anyone at any time!

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