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What is an Extra?
An Extra, often referred to as "background", "background actor", "atmosphere" or "BG", is pretty much every person that does not say anything that you see on camera in a film or television show. A non-speaking actor who plays a key part in providing the atmosphere for a scene.

Is food provided on set?
Snacks and beverages ("craft services") are provided for you throughout your work day. These snacks and beverages vary between sets, so if you have special dietary needs you should bring any necessary items. A complete meal is also provided if you work longer than six hours.

Will wardrobe be provided for me or do I wear my own clothes?
You will most likely always be expected to wear your own clothes unless your character is required to wear a uniform or costume. You will be given very specific clothing information by your Casting Director when hired. If you feel that you do not have the appropriate clothing for the scene you are being asked to work, please do not accept the job. It is always advisable to bring several different options of the specified clothing for the Costume Designer to choose from.

Do I need to join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in order to do Extra work?
NO. There are usually always more non-union than SAG Extra spots available on a production.

What if I want to join SAG?
Current SAG rules require a non-union Extra to have worked on a union voucher (timesheet) on three (3) SAG projects. You must either have been booked as union based on a specific skill that was needed or have been upgraded on set by either the ADs (Assistant Directors) or the Casting Coordinator to qualify for a SAG voucher. Once you have your three vouchers, just call the SAG membership office (800) 724-0767 to set up an appointment.

Do I need to live in the Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas or New Mexico areas to register?
We register new talent ANYWHERE in the United States; however we will ONLY book you for work if you live in the state we are filming in at that particular time. You must be within a reasonable driving distance to our locations in order to be considered for work on a project in that region. Please DO NOT send in photos from out of state wanting to get into our Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Texas/New Mexico files if you do not live in those areas. Although we do very often cast projects in other states, we will NOT call someone in from out of state to work as a local on our projects. There are plenty of people willing to work in each state that we cannot invite you to fly or drive in from another state just to work on a project. Specific casting calls will be posted for other states as needed.

Does On Location Casting also cast speaking roles?
YES. Although our primary list of jobs has been casting Extras, Stand-ins, "real people" and Crowds, we do often cast Principal and Day Player roles for various projects. However, when registering, you cannot expect to be cast in a speaking role and can not specify that you will do "Principal Work Only". You will not be considered for our files if you are not willing to do Extra work.

How often should I expect to work?
We are not ever able to guarantee work for anyone. Our hiring process is based on frequency of filming in your area and the specific needs of each individual project. Most often we are submitting your photo to a Director or AD who has final say on who is cast. Our job is to find the most suitable person for a scene and if you are that person, you will work that project. Do not expect to work every project that is being cast by On Location Casting as our project list is varied in the types of people we can use. Having said that, we will do our best to book you as much as we possibly can on as many projects as possible! Please be aware that we are ON LOCATION quite a bit of the time, so if you haven't been booked for work in awhile, it is nothing personal against you - we are likely just working out of town and do not have a project in your area.

Do you use Call-In Services?
YES. Although we do try to book primarily from our digital database, there will be times (large calls, last minute requests, specialty types not found in our database, etc.) where we will use the talent from a call-in service. You may be in our database and still get the booking through your service, as it is often easier for our casting staff to reach your service before reaching you directly. We do work with most major Los Angeles area call-in services. At this time there is no such service available in the Las Vegas, Texas or New Mexico areas.

Do you teach workshops?
We do not teach workshops at this time, however we will in the near future. Please check the EVENTS page of our site for upcoming workshops near you. We welcome suggestions or ideas for classes/seminars you would like to participate in. Email us your ideas to:

Is On Location Casting a Corporation?
We are NOT a corporation and function as a Sole Proprietorship. We have DBA accounts set up in the states that we work from and are hired as individual employees of a production company. We do pay taxes to each state we work out of as employees of production.

FAQ's (Agency Pro)

What is Agency Pro Talent and why am I being contacted by them?
Agency Pro is the software database system that runs the On Location Casting database. Your information is SECURED within both the OLC database and the Agency Pro Talent site. Once you have been accepted for registration with On Location Casting, you are in OUR permanent database and are under no obligation to purchase any additional services from the Agency Pro site. Not purchasing additional services does not limit your ability to get work through OLC. However, we do endorse Agency Pro as a valid company with marketing tools that could prove very valuable to you as an actor/extra in the industry. We highly suggest that you take a look at some of the services that Agency Pro Talent can provide to help you have a better presence in the acting/extras community and decide for yourself if these services are right for you. Some of their basic services include: your own personal acting website, business cards, video/audio download capabilities, multiple photos for your file, the ability to email your professional acting site information to other Casting Directors/Agents, etc. If you are serious about acting, we feel that these tools could improve your standing in the industry and heighten your exposure for the work you are seeking. For more specific information visit

Do I have to pay to be submitted for work?
No, we can submit your name and a small thumbnail of you, but clients will not be able to view your full portfolio with photos, resume, a/v, etc. Being active will give you more opportunities, and is a wonderful marketing tool, but we will still submit you for work weather you activate or not. However, clients will not be able to see you if they are searching the database themselves.

Is Agency Pro secure?
Yes! Only we can see your personal information. It's important that you keep your contact information up to date since we will use Agency Pro as a contact management system as well. We need to know where to send your paycheck!

Is there a family discount?
There is a family discount – you have to call Agency Pro directly to get it. The family discount is ½ off a full price yearly membership for immediate family members only. Call 610-747-0966, and select option 3.

My agent already uses Agency Pro, and I have an Active portfolio, do I get a discount?
Yes! The discount is almost 80% off a full price yearly membership. Call Agency Pro directly to get it at 610-747-0966, and select option 3.

Agency Pro Technical Support
By Phone: Call 610-747-0966, and select option 3
By Email: or

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