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  • Be sure to turn off all cell phones when on the set. Some productions will require you to leave your phones in the Extras Holding area and not bring them to set at all.
  • Listen carefully to and follow all instructions being given.
  • Do not talk when you are being given information.
  • Do not leave the set without telling the A.D. or Coordinator or without asking permission.
  • Do not look in the camera unless specifically told to do so.
  • Do not talk during the filming of a scene or when cameras are "rolling". You will usually be required to "pantomime" – pretend to talk or gesture without making a sound.
  • Do not approach actors or ask for autographs or photos. This can often be cause for removal from set.
  • The use of any voice or video recording devices or cameras (including camera phones!) is strictly prohibited. This will be considered cause for removal from set and could lead to termination.
  • Do not wander around. Please stay in the designated extras holding areas.
  • Please do not change your wardrobe between scenes or while waiting to film unless instructed to do so.
  • There will be a lot of waiting around and down time during your day. Bring an activity to keep you occupied during your time in Extras Holding. We suggest: a book, deck of cards, homework, board games, knitting, etc.
  • Do not get in the way of the Production Crew. Please stay out of the way when equipment is being moved or transported.
  • Do not touch or handle production equipment.
  • Keep your area neat and clean. Throw away any trash that you have created.
  • Do NOT tamper with the belongings of other talent working with you on set.
  • Although the work days can be quite long – Keep a positive attitude!
  • Do NOT hassle the AD's, PA's or Casting staff for SAG (union) vouchers.
  • Breakfast will usually be provided for you when you arrive on set, however it is NOT guaranteed. Your call time may be after the caterer has stopped serving the morning crew meal. We recommend eating before you come to set, just in case.
  • Lunch is usually provided no more than six (6) hours after you have begun working, however is NOT guaranteed. Your call time may be after the caterer has stopped serving the afternoon crew meal.
  • Dinner is not generally provided unless you are working a very long day (over 12 hours).
  • Snacks are often provided for talent but vary by production/set. Since we cannot guarantee the types of snacks that will be available to you, you are welcome to bring your own snacks.


  • You are not permitted to leave until you have been officially "wrapped". You will be notified by your Assistant Directors or On-set Coordinator when you are completely finished for the day. Be aware that some extras may be released earlier or at different times than others. Do NOT assume that you are finished until you are told so specifically by a member of the production team.
  • Once you have been released and before checking out:
    • Return all props given to you by the Prop Department
    • Return all wardrobe given to you by the Wardrobe Department
    • Be sure to get your voucher back if it was taken by either Props or Wardrobe
    • Check the Extras Holding area for any remaining personal items that you brought to work with you
    • Clean up any messes you may have made in your area
  • After returning all items – Go directly to the Extras Check-Out area
    • Do not linger on set talking to friends, crew or cast
    • Change and return all items as quickly as possible. The crew has worked a very long day and is often on a deadline to leave the set.
    • Do NOT leave and go home before visiting the Extras Check-Out area to be signed out!!
  • Walk – do not run to the Check-Out area.
  • Have your voucher completely filled out BEFORE you get in line.
  • Wait your turn in line until called by the person handling the check out process. There will always be a separate line for SAG/AFTRA (union) members who have been booked as union.
  • Make sure to verify all information – pay rate, time in, time out, bumps or adjustments, union status, etc. – and get an approval signature, BEFORE you leave the check-out table. We cannot be responsible for adding or changing information once the voucher has been submitted. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure before you leave the set that you have been properly compensated.
  • Keep a copy of your voucher receipt!! This is your time card and is verification that you worked. You will need to have this receipt for any payroll related issues. We suggest that you maintain a copy of all receipts until you receive a check for that work date.
  • If you are booked for work the following day – be sure to check your booking details on our website, even if you were given instructions by the Assistant Directors on set.
  • Drive safely on your way home.
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