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Here's what some of our Clients are saying about On Location Casting...

Valerie Bleth Sharp
Line Producer
"Love Don't Let Me Down"

Thank you Tina.  All was great.  I appreciate that you jumped right back into this on such short notice.  Thanks!

Matt Clark
1st AD
“The Good Guys”

Thank you.  What a pleasure it was working with you.  I hope to see you back in Dallas next year--let's keep our fingers crossed.  You were fantastic. Best to you and, again, thanks!

David Kern
VP of Production

Thank you , Tina. This was a huge effort across the board and the extras casting requirements were huge. You did a great job and I would hire you and refer you again in a second.

Steve Cainas
Production Coordinator

Hey Tina,
You and Scott did an amazing and seamless job. I would be honored to work with you again.

Kaaren Ochoa
1st AD
"Crazy Heart"

You all did a wonderful job and we all commented on the good "faces" we got in general from you and for the specialty parts. Scott (the Director) was pleased. Would love to work with you and Karen again. Muchas gracias!

Scott Senechal
1st AD

Hi Tina! Needless to say I was very pleased with your work (and your extras) and, without question, will use you again on my next show - hopefully sooner than later. Sorry about the last minute changes - which, by the way, you handled admirably. But the church - and your last minute bg - saved the day.

Stuart Gordon

Dear Tina,
I thought you did an exceptional job and look forward to working together again soon. You're a pleasure.

Kathleen Roll
2nd AD

You were wonderful to work with! The extras and standins were all perfect. I know Scott (1st AD) was very happy as well. Any time I can recommend you I will!

Katie Tull
2nd AD
"My Generation"
(ABC television)

Tina! You are the best - as always! Of course I'll insist they hire you if this thing gets picked up (though I'm sure they probably will whether I insist or not.) Good luck with "FNL" - hopefully see ya soon!

Vince Palmo
1st AD
"My Generation"
(ABC television)

Hey Tina:
It was good seeing you again and working with you again as well. And thank you to you. I know it wasn't easy, but you did come through for us in a big way, and I appreciate it. The deck was stacked against you to some degree (SXSW, Spring Break, low rate, a pilot, etc.) and yet there we were with fantastic kids for all the High School stuff, really great young Anders' and Rolly's, a solid group of stand-ins, and a stellar selection of protestors. So thanks again, and I look forward to us working together again sooner rather than later next time.

Bergen Swanson
"Passion Play"

Hi Tina,
It was a great experience from my end as well. You did great work and I hope our paths cross again.

George Bamber
1st AD

I'm really proud of the look we got for the film.

Duffy Hecht

All of your people were really excellent. Honest. That's what can make a small indie look so great. Thanks again and all the best wishes.
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