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Oct 31 2015

If you are scheduled for VOLUNTEER work on the CMA CHEVY Red Carpet SHOOT – Here are your FINAL CALL TIMES & BOOKING DETAILS for work on SUNDAY 11/1/15  **DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR for Daylight Savings Time (at midnight on Saturday night!)**


—PLEASE make sure to EAT dinner before you come to set!! Meals are NOT being provided! Snacks may or may not be available since this is a very short shoot—


**REMEMBER – This is an INVITE ONLY event and YOUR NAME IS ON A LIST to attend.

***Emergency number <img>(615) 663-3621 (**If you are unable to make your booking for ANY reason, you MUST CALL this emergency number to let us know. Failure to do so (even if you send an email) will result in you being listed as a NO-SHOW!! We are counting on you to show up so do hope that none of you have any emergency situations!


If you were booked – you are already CONFIRMED so you are expected to show up!!! You are also expected to be available to stay on set for the duration of the shoot (roughly about 3 – 3.5 hours). You should not expect to or ask to leave earlier than you are wrapped!! Doing so will mean that you will forfeit your free parking voucher and will have to pay for your own parking. It MAY also be cause for not being booked in the future (unless you have a legitimate emergency or reason for leaving early)


**All times are subject to change so you absolutely MUST RE-CHECK THIS PAGE again before YOU LEAVE for location! Make sure to REFRESH your browser!! We are not responsible if you show up too early or too late because you did not double check for you FINAL confirmed Call Time!!   LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT BE GRANTED ENTRY INTO THIS EVENT!!!


Filming will take place RAIN or SHINE – regardless of the weather or call time you are expected to be on set!!! DRIVE SAFELY and allow enough time for uncertain road conditions so that you can arrive on time safely.


**Please POST your first & last name at the end of this post so that we know you picked up your booking details. We are not overbooked so it’s important that we know EVERYONE got their information and will be there!!  Not posting does NOT mean that you don’t have to show up!! We will be expecting you whether you post or not, it’s just helpful to us to know that you got your details!!


**This is a VOLUNTEER event and you will not be compensated for participating. However, we will put your name on our “preferred bookings” list for future upcoming paid projects.**


Work Date:     SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 1st, 2015






FREE PARKING will be provided at:


6th Avenue – between Korean Veterans Blvd & Demonbreun

Nashville, TN 37203


-if you are not familiar with this location and are using a GPS: physical address is 201 – 5th Ave. to get you to the general vicinty and then go to 6th Avenue entrance



I-40 on the west side of town is CLOSED,PLEASE READ ALTERNATE DIRECTIONS

SHELBY EXIT: Exit onto SHELBY AVE, turning toward downtown Go over Korean Veterans Bridge into downtown Nashville Continue into Roundabout, taking first RIGHT onto 8th Ave S Turn RIGHT onto Demonbreun Turn RIGHT onto 6th Ave S under Music City Center Turn RIGHT into Garage, pull a ticket & leave it in your car. Production will provide you another ticket for exiting garage walk to 6th Ave Set in the middle of tunnel. Talent check in at Talent Table 



DON’T FORGET to bring your ID, an umbrella if it rains, and don’t wear any black, White, or Logos, c


– You will CHECK in with Tina or Andrea from On Location Casting and be sure to let anyone who asks know that you are a Volunteer Extra from On Location Casting as there may be other groups participating and we need to make sure you are properly accounted for.


*Make sure to arrive in enough time to park so that  you arrive at the check-in area approx 10-15 minutes BEFORE your call time! If you are just pulling in to the parking lot at your call time, you WILL be late!  YOu will NOT be permitted to participate once filming has started!  **IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE REGISTERED LIST and DID NOT CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING – YOU WILL NOT BE admitted!!!


EVERYONE MUST COME HAIR & MAKEUP READY as appropriate for your specific character type!!!! Please DO NOT show up with wet, un-styled hair and no makeup!!  


Wardrobe Instructions:

Be sure to read and follow ALL wardrobe instructions given to the best of your ability.


It is NOT necessary to bring multiple wardrobe changes – you will be filmed in the outfit you arrive in.




*NO LOGOS at all!

*NO WHITE SHIRTS at all and please try to avoid all black or white as much as possible!




RED CARPET FANS:  You should dress casual, comfortable and WARM as if you were waiting outside at a red carpet event for a glimpse of your favorite country stars. Nothing fancy, just be comfortable. Layer up, it’ll be chilly



Slight chance of rain, consider an umbrella.


General Guidelines

·      We do not recommend that you bring any expensive or valuable item.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

·      Please let us know immediately if your schedule changes and you become unavailable – so that we have time to replace you.


We hope you enjoy your time working with us on this show.  If you have any questions, please email our office.


Thanks and we will see you on the set!!!


Extras Casting

*Emergency number <img>(615) 663-3621  (*if you get the voicemail leave a detailed message. It is NOT necessary to call back multiple times.)

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