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Jan 29 2014

If you are scheduled for work on the ABC Television series “Nashville” – Here are your FINAL CALL TIMES & BOOKING DETAILS for work on THURSDAY 1/30/14.  –updated as of 10:06pm


***Emergency number (615) 663-3621


–If you are scheduled to work on the NBC series “Revolution” in Austin, TX – These are NOT your details! These are for the “Nashville” extras ONLY!–


**All times are subject to change so you absolutely MUST RE-CHECK THIS PAGE AGAIN before YOU LEAVE FOR WORK!! Make sure to REFRESH your browser!! We are not responsible if you show up too early or too late because you did not double check for you FINAL confirmed Call Time!! CHECK BACK!!!**


If you were booked – you are already CONFIRMED so you are expected to show up!!! You are also expected to be available to stay on set and work for a MINIMUM of 12 hours from your call time. Occasionally it may be less than that but you should not expect to or ask to leave earlier than you are wrapped!! Doing so will be cause for not being booked in the future.


Filming will take place rain, shine, wind, snow or freeze – regardless of the weather or early call time you are expected to be at work on set!!! DRIVE SAFELY and allow enough time for bad road conditions so that you can arrive to work on time safely.


*If you are a TN Resident and have a valid TN Driver’s License, please BRING A PHOTOCOPY of your TN license with you to set! If you do not have a TN license but have one from a different state, it is not necessary to bring a copy. If you are unable to make a copy, we can do so for you on set but it will be time consuming so please do TRY to bring one with you!*


**Please POST your first & last name at the end of this post so that we know you picked up your booking details. We are not overbooked so it’s important that we know EVERYONE got their information and will be there!!  Not posting does NOT mean that you don’t have to show up!! We will be expecting you whether you post or not, it’s just helpful to us to know that you got your details!!


-We will NOT be in the office after hours so cannot replace you if you cancel last minute – so that means we are COUNTING on you to show up!!


Work Date:     THURSDAY – JANUARY 30th, 2014




08:42am – STANDINS (Jason B., Diana S., Mandy A.)


09:00am – STANDINS (Keith S., Erika S., Jonathan R.)


1:00pm – STANDIN (Katy B.)


REPORT Location:

Production Stages

444 Brick Church Park Drive  – (not to be confused with Brick Church Pike)

Nashville, TN 37207

(*be sure to put the entire street address into your GPS and not just Brick Church. If you do not put Brick Church Park Drive you may end up in Goodlettsville and that is incorrect!)


- Look for the yellow signs with black arrows that say ‘NV’. Park as directed and be sure to bring with you all of your wardrobe options and your ID from the car to check-in.

- You will check in with Jill or someone from the AD Dept.


*Make sure to arrive in enough time to park so that  you arrive at the check-in area at your call time! If you are just pulling in to the parking lot at your call time, you WILL be late! You should arrive between 10-15 minutes early! Be sure to take your ID and all of your wardrobe with you to the Extras Holding/Check-in area.


EVERYONE MUST COME HAIR & MAKEUP READY as appropriate for your specific character type!!!! Please DO NOT show up with wet, un-styled hair and no makeup!! Ladies – Makeup should not be outlandish or overdone. Men – Facial hair must either be clean-shaven or neatly groomed. Don’t look too scruffy!!


Wardrobe Instructions:

Be sure to read and follow ALL wardrobe instructions given to the best of your ability.


Everyone should come wearing your favorite 1st outfit and bring 2-3 other complete changes! If you look in your closet and say “ I don’t know if this is what they want me to wear” bring it with you and the Costume Dept. will make the final decision for you.




*Bring comfort wear (rain shoes, rain coat, zip-up sweat shirt, etc)

*Never bring clothing with LOGO’s, intense patterns or super bright colors

*Bring only clean clothing without damages (unless specifically asked for)

*Make sure you bring clothes that really fit you. 

*Bring at least 3 complete outfits.

*AND put together the outfit you feel is most appropriate for the scene and that you feel good in and wear that here (of course also bring options)!


MEGAN’s CO-WORKERS:  **You will first work as Bluebird Cafe Patrons, so come dressed in wardrobe listed for that role – and BRING with you OPTIONS for Megan’s Co-Workers (who are Attorneys): Professional Business attire. Please bring a dark or medium tone suit – grey, charcoal, navy, etc… dress shirts and ties, dress shoes and socks and a nice belt. Can also bring slacks, dress shirts, blazers, etc.  Ladies – pant suits, skirt suits, pencil skirts with blouses and blazers, etc. LOOK SHARP!!


ROADIES/TECHS: Bring a variety of dark options and black option. Jeans, hoodies, button fronts, tees for layers, etc. NO LOGOS! You also work at a hip recording studio so bring a few choices of hip, musician style outfits if you have them – nothing too flashy though, should be casual style. 


BLUEBIRD CAFE TECHS: Bring a variety of dark options. Jeans, hoodies, button fronts, tees for layers, etc.


BLUEBIRD CAFE COOK: Wear black pants, black shoes, belt and a white t-shirt and white button down


Bluebird Cafe Bartender: Pretty casual, jeans, western shirt, tee with button front over it. etc


Bluebird Cafe Waitresses: The same as the Pedestrians but maybe with a bit more edge. Consider that you might be wearing a black waist apron.


Blue Bird Cafe Patrons & Pedestrians:  (*Megan’s Co-Workers should also bring options for Bluebird Cafe!)

Ladies: (Casual upscale, hip and modern)Shirts: Fall casual pullovers, button downs, light sweaters and light layering etcPants/Jeans: Nothing torn or ratty looking, well fitting, Skirts; Fall styles maybe with tights (Nothing to bright or printed)Dresses: Fall styles (Nothing to bright or printed)Shoes: CasualAccessories: Belts,  jewelry (anything you need to complete your look)  BRING OPTIONS!! Make sure to bring coats and outer-wear!


Men: (Casual, upscale hip and modern)Shirts: Causal button fronts, tee (No LOGOS), layering shirts etcBlazers: Very causal and hipPants/Jeans: in good condition, nicer jeans, khakis, hip slacks, etcShoes: Casual boots, nice summer shoes, casual shoesAccessories: belts, socks, jewelry. BRING OPTIONS!! Make sure to bring coats and outer-wear!


EVERYONE MUST COME HAIR & MAKEUP READY as appropriate for your specific character type!!!! Please DO NOT show up with wet, unstyled hair or NO makeup – Makeup should not be outlandish or overdone but should look natural and pretty. Men – Facial hair must either be clean-shaven or neatly groomed. DO NOT LOOK SCRUFFY!! 

……………………………………………………………………………  ………………

Remember if you are booked as a PAID EXTRA – you need to be available and on set for a MINIMUM of approx. 12–13 consecutive hours from your start time (ADULTS ONLY – MINORS under 18 can only work between 8-10 hours depending on their age). Please let us know immediately if your schedule changes and you become unavailable – so that we have time to replace you. Please Report Rain or Shine to the set.   If it is raining, we will still report and wait until the rain stops to film.

………………………………………………………………………………  ………………


Bring your driver’s license and know your social security number so we can complete paperwork to pay you. YOU MUST HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO WORK WITH US ON SET! If you don’t have a social security number please let us know ASAP!


Bring a black or blue ink pen with you to complete your voucher

_____________________________  _  _________

General Guidelines

·      We do not recommend that you bring any expensive or valuable item.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

·      Please let us know immediately if your schedule changes and you become unavailable – so that we have time to replace you.

·      Please do not approach the actors.  They are working.  Pictures or video from cell phones are strictly prohibited.  Taking a picture or video on set are grounds for immediate dismissal and will not be tolerated.  Do not bring cameras of any kind to the set.

-       Do not bring anyone with you that was not hired by Extras Casting. Only minors are allowed to bring ONE parent or guardian. Absolutely NO family or friends who aren’t booked in advance can come to set with you!!


Background Actors’ Rules regarding Photos and Press:

·      Please remember that all unauthorized on-set photography is forbidden (including from cell phones).

·      Background actors may not blog or tweet about their experiences on set.

·      If a journalist approaches you about your work on the film, please contact the casting office, before you provide any information about the show or your participation in it.


Ignoring these guidelines will undermine your affiliation with both the production and future local casting.

We hope you enjoy your time working with us on this show.  If you have any questions, please email our office.


Thanks and we will see you on the set!!!


Extras Casting

*Emergency number (615) 663-3621  (*if you get the voicemail leave a detailed message. It is NOT necessary to call back multiple times.)

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