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Feature Film “Brian Banks” in MEMPHIS – **UPDATED** FINAL CALL TIMES & BOOKING DETAILS for work on FRIDAY 11/17/17

Nov 16 2017

If you are scheduled work on the Feature Film “Brian Banks” in MEMPHIS – Here are your **UPDATED** FINAL CALL TIMES & BOOKING DETAILS for work on FRIDAY 11/17/17. –updated as of 5:50am
***URGENT LOCATION CHANGE for everyone with a 7:30am Call Time!!! Your NEW Parking & Report to Location is 590 Washington Avenue!!!***
***IF YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO WORK ON THE Series ‘NASHVILLE’ in NASHVILLE -or- ‘T@GGED’ in New Mexico – THESE ARE NOT YOUR DETAILS! These are for ‘Brian Banks” talent only. Please check under the subject line ‘Nashville’ or ‘Tagged’ for your shows information!***
**All times are still subject to change so you absolutely MUST RE-CHECK THIS PAGE AGAIN before YOU LEAVE FOR THE SET!!! Make sure to REFRESH your browser!! We are not responsible if you show up too early or too late because you did not double check for you FINAL confirmed Call Time!! CHECK BACK!!!**
***Emergency number (800) 241-0076 if you are LOST or RUNNING LATE – DO NOT TEXT this number! We will not acknowledge text messages, you have to CALL if you have an emergency! There IS a voicemail on this line so if you do not reach someone you need to leave a message!
If you were booked – you are already CONFIRMED so you are expected to show up!!! You are also expected to be available to stay on set and work for until we are finished filming for the day. You should not expect to or ask to leave earlier than you are wrapped!! Doing so will be cause for not being booked in the future.
Filming will take place rain, shine, wind, snow, etc. – regardless of the weather or early call time you are expected to be at work on set!!! DRIVE SAFELY and allow enough time for bad road conditions so that you can arrive to work on time safely.
RULES of the set: ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL, ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS, NO PETS (not even emotional support animals)!!
*EVERYONE – Please BRING your Driver’s License with you to set AND a PHOTOCOPY of your Driver’s License if possible! We will have a photocopier on set to make copies; however, it will be much quicker for you if you come with your own copy. You MUST also have a valid social security number!*
**Please POST your first & last name at the end of this post so that we know you picked up your correct booking details. We are not overbooked so it’s important that we know EVERYONE got their information and will be there!! Not posting does NOT mean that you don’t have to show up!! We will be expecting you whether you post or not, it’s just helpful to us to know that you got your details!! WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU TO SHOW UP FOR WORK!!
Work Date: FRIDAY – November 17th, 2017
(**Please EAT a meal before coming to set as you MAY be arriving after our crew has eaten!! An afternoon/evening meal will likely be provided later in the day and Snacks & drinks will be provided throughout the day but you may miss the main crew meal and we don’t want you to be hungry. Please EAT a regular meal BEFORE you come to set! IF you have food allergies or any special dietary needs, please be sure to bring your own special snacks or anything you might require food-wise for the day)
—-YOUR CALL TIMES ARE LISTED ABOVE (NOT below) YOUR CHARACTER/ROLE! Your Call Time is NOT the time listed BELOW your character/role! Please READ TIMES CAREFULLY!—
05:30am – REPORT to LOCATION #1 (590 Washington Avenue) – PLEASE BE ON TIME!!
05:48am – REPORT to LOCATION #1 (590 Washington Avenue) – PLEASE BE ON TIME!!
STANDINS – F.Mayberry, R.Duran
07:30am – ***NEW** REPORT to LOCATION #1 (590 Washington Avenue) – PLEASE BE ON TIME!!
STANDINS – D.Mustin, ‘Alissa’ Standin
590 Washington Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
–please visit Mapquest, google maps or put this address into your gps BEFORE you leave your house! **LOOK FOR YELLOW SIGNS WITH BLACK LETTERING that say TSR. Park in this location, follow sign that say EXTRAS PARKING and you will directed to the holding/check-in area from here after parking. Once you have parked, if you do not see any film personnel, look for/follow signs to EXTRAS HOLDING . WHEN CHECKING IN – please say “I AM AN EXTRA TODAY”
EVERYONE – Be sure to take your ID and all of your wardrobe with you to the Extras Holding/Check-in area. YOU MUST HAVE VALID ID and be LEGAL to work as an Extra in the US! We can not check you in if you do not have valid ID and are not legal to work!
EVERYONE MUST COME HAIR & MAKEUP READY as appropriate for your specific character type!!!! Please DO NOT show up with wet, un-styled hair and no makeup!!
Wardrobe Instructions:** PLEASE DO THE BEST YOU CAN TO WEAR/BRING THE ITEMS BEING REQUESTED. IF you don’t have some or all of the items, please still show up for work with your closest match to what our Costume Dept has asked for.
***EVERYONE BRING at least 4-5 choices! Subtle rather than bright colors. This is supposed to be taking place in Southern California. Do the best you can to provide what is being asked for – if you don’t have all of it, we still need you to show up so just do what you can** <br>
PEDESTRIANS/COURT PEDESTRIANS with and without Cars: Bring 3 looks. You are all meant to be southern California so please avoid black. No graphics/artwork/logos on clothes. -you should bring clothes they might attend a college class or a job in. The range for Law Students can be from messy and studious, sweats or sweatshirts to highly professional and ambitious so button downs, dress-pants, suit separates -as Pedestrians we would like low-key/simple running-errands clothes
CIP STAFF/TEAM MEMBERS: We have a ton of different script days so you should bring 5 looks each. VERY CASUAL AND VERY CALIFORNIA – jeans, tees, hoodies, sneaks, sandals, however, we cannot use tees and sweatshirts with graphics however so those should be plain. NO logos. Please ALSO bring options of a little more put together and conservative, as if you have been to court or have a meeting. Button down shirts and suit separates and nicer shoes. Bring a range from casual to more formal/professional. classic colors, nothing too trendy or fancy
ATTORNEYS: Dark conservative suit type options, polished, professional. Well groomed and very conservative
CLIENTS: something you would wear to divorce court. Clean, simple, presentable, classic
BAILIFF: black shoes or boots, black socks, black belt, white or gray undershirt. Uniform will be provided. However please bring options for Attorneys & Clients in case the uniform does not fit you for some reason
* Muted colors, no logos, lots of changes since we are shooting multiple script days
*Avoid white but don’t bring all black either(unless your character specifies that)
*DO NOT bring dirty/damaged clothing or clothing that DOES NOT fit you.
*Bring at least 3-4 complete outfits.
*AND put together the outfit you feel is most appropriate for the scene and that you feel good in and wear that here (of course also bring options)!
Everyone should come wearing your favorite 1st outfit and bring 2-3 other complete changes! If you look in your closet and say “ I don’t know if this is what they want me to wear” bring it with you and the Costume Dept. will make the final decision for you. As an extra we ask that you bring clothing that will compliment our scenes and distinguish you as the group or role you have been booked for. We ask as always you bring several options. We do not allow any clothing, shoes, and hats with logos, bright white, solid red, or bright/neon colors, or very loud patterns, so please keep this in mind. Always bring seasonally appropriate clothing.
Bring your driver’s license and know your social security number so we can complete paperwork to pay you. YOU MUST HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO WORK WITH US ON SET! If you don’t have a social security number please let us know ASAP as you will NOT be allowed to work! Bring a black or blue ink pen with you to complete your voucher ________________________________________________________________ General Guidelines· We do not recommend that you bring any expensive or valuable item. We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.· Please let us know immediately if your schedule changes and you become unavailable – so that we have time to replace you.· Please do not approach the actors. They are working.Pictures or video from cell phones are strictly prohibited. Taking a picture or video on set are grounds for immediate dismissal and will not be tolerated. Do not bring cameras of any kind to the set.- Do not bring anyone with you that was not hired by Extras Casting. Only minors are allowed to bring ONE parent or guardian. Absolutely NO family or friends who aren’t booked in advance can come to set with you!!Background Actors’ Rules regarding Photos and Press:Please remember that all
unauthorized on-set photography is forbidden (including from cell phones).Background actors may not blog or tweet about their experiences on set.· If a journalist approaches you about your work on the film, please contact the casting office, before you provide any information about the show or your participation in it.Ignoring these guidelines will undermine your affiliation with both the production and future local casting.We hope you enjoy your time working with us on this show. If you have any questions, please email our office.
Thanks and we will see you on the set!!!
Extras Casting
LOST or RUNNING LATE – CALL (800) 241-0076 or if you are unable to make it to your booking for any reason

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