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“Nashville” FINAL CALL TIMES for FRIDAY 11/30/12

Nov 29 2012

Here are your FINAL CALL TIMES for work on Friday 11/30/12.

Filming will take place rain, shine or freeze – regardless of the weather or early call time you are expected to be at work on set!

Work Date:      FRIDAY – November 30th, 2012

11:12am - JULIETTE STAND-IN (Jordan G..), LIAM STAND-IN (Cory A.), RAYNA STAND-IN (Diana S.), BUCKY STAND-IN (Will P.), GLENN STAND-IN (Scott A.), EMILY STAND-IN (Angelina A.)

Parking Location:


- Look for the yellow signs with black arrows that say ‘NV’

-After parking you will head to Extras Holding (follow signs or check with someone in parking)

- You will check in with Justin or Gina

**DO NOT PARK AT THE PRODUCTION OFFICE!! YOU MUST PARK ACROSS THE STREET IN THE DIRT LOT CREW PARKING AREA and walk or take the shuttle across the street to check-in!!!

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