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“In Plain Sight” *****REVISED BOOKING DETAILS for WEDNESDAY 2/23/11

Feb 22 2011

  Here are your BOOKING DETAILS FOR “In Plain Sight” for WEDNESDAY – FEBRUARY 23rd, 2011.


  **YOU MUST READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS! To make sure you do not miss anything important!!!!! If you are booked for work, please leave a confirmation post at the end of this message so that we know you picked up your work details. If you were booked – your booking is already confirmed, this is just so we know you got your details!  (PLEASE don’t post AT ALL and don’t just show up if you are not booked for work. This note is for those who are already booked ONLY!!!)

  **ALL CALL TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, SO YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST RE-CHECK THIS PAGE BEFORE YOU GO TO BED TONIGHT and again BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR WORK TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT TIME!!!! If you are late there is a chance that you MAY be sent home so please be 10-15 minutes early for your start time! Please do NOT just be pulling into the parking lot at your call time or you WILL be late!!

  !!!Filming WILL take place rain or shine – regardless of the weather, so you are expected to show up if you were booked!!

 Everyone MUST report to set “camera-ready” with your hair & makeup (ladies ONLY) already done and ready to work. You will not have time to get ready once you arrive on set. Male facial hair MUST be must be neat, tidy and professional looking.

 EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT A COMPLETE I-9 FORM ATTACHED TO YOUR PAY VOUCHER. YOU MUST HAVE A PHOTO ID (Drivers License, Passport, Military ID, School ID –minors can have a School ID, School Report Card, or Hospital Record) AND YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IN ORDER TO BE paid!! If you do not have a photo ID and know your social security number you will not be allowed to work.


CALL TIMES: **please be ON TIME or better yet…be EARLY!!!!!






BUS DRIVER (T. Winkler)


BETH Stand-in (Zora)

MALE UTILITY Stand-in (Bryan)


SKY & SAND PAGEANT GIRLS (S. Binyon, D. Brown, S. Chavez, K. Duran, K. Gabrysch, C. Griego, T. Hammett, K. Keys, L. Romero, C. Valdez, N. Young, V. Deeds)


DUKE CITY PAGEANT GIRL FRIENDS (A. Castle, M. Kennedy, S. Bramblett)


MARY/UTILITY Stand-in (Vickie)




HIGH SCHOOL BOYS in Pageant Audience




MARY Photo Double (Kimberly)

MARSHALL Photo Double (Lane)


SHARON Stand-in (Bridget)


DUKE CITY PAGEANT GIRLS (C. Ferguson, B. Scee, C. Bush, C. Chavez, D. Contreras, F. Cortez, A. Lopez, K. Martin, M. Tabet, A. Mora)

Crew Parking for ALL Extras and Stand-ins is located at:

Parking Lot

1820 Bellamah Rd.

Albuquerque, NM  87104

DIRECTIONS from Production Office area – North Albuquerque (near Sandia Casino):

-Head South on I-25 for approx. 6.4 miles

-Take Exit 226B to merge onto I-40 West toward Gallup and travel approx. 2.3 miles

-From I-40 West, Take Exit 157A for Rio Grande Blvd.

-Turn Left at Rio Grande Blvd. NW and travel approx. 0.3 miles

-Turn Left at Bellamah Ave NW (Bellamah Rd.)

-Parking will be on your RIGHT

** For best results – Please visit or google maps for specific DIRECTIONS from your house to this location. Get directions before you leave your house and print them out!! Once you arrive, look for yellow signs to CREW/EXTRAS PARKING, park as directed and check in at CATERING or Extras Holding with Tina or Mike from Extras Casting –or- Anthony from the AD Dept.

 WARDROBE is as follows (Please read ALL instructions listed below and do the best you can to bring what is being requested!!!): **YOU MUST BRING SEVERAL OPTIONS OF CLOTHING AS DESCRIBED BELOW!~~PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED OR WITHOUT OPTIONS!!!GENERAL GUIDELINES: (NO LOGOS or Name Brands! NO BRIGHT or Fluorescent COLORS! NO RED, NO ROYAL BLUE, NO ALL WHITE and NO ALL BLACK unless specifically requested!! NO SHORTS or FLIPFLOPS!!)

Please wear closed toe shoes as it is a safety issue and open toe shoes are not allowed on set. Unless otherwise instructed, PLEASE also WEAR SOFT SOLED SHOES so they don’t make loud noise on camera!! 

 Everyone should always wear your best (favorite) choice of specified wardrobe to set and make sure to bring 2-3 additional COMPLETE head to toe changes with you in a suitcase, garment bag, grocery sack, etc. Remember all layers and accessories that go with your outfits (shoes, jewelry, purses, belts, etc.) You are playing a character so please do the best you can to have fun with the clothing descriptions and look the part!! Please just do the best you can to bring options as close as possible to what is being requested.

Please bring with you personal outerwear (coats, jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, etc) for weather purposes as wardrobe can not provide you with coats to keep warm.

 ALL WARDROBE SHOULD BE CLEAN, PRESSED and ON HANGARS (preferably). PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN EXTRAS CHANGING as wardrobe will NOT hold your personal items for you. PLEASE LEAVE ALL VALUABLES AT HOME OR RETURN THEM TO YOUR VEHICLE. Production cannot be held responsible for personal items lost, stolen or damaged on set.

 Please do not wear perfumes.   Please DO wear antiperspirant or deodorant though!  

 STAND INS: – Please bring options of shirts to include – Blue , Grey , Tan And Brown Shirts, At Least a Light Tone (Grey), one Medium Tone (Med to Dark Grey) and one Dark (Black Or Navy) . When you arrive at Basecamp, check with Wardrobe to see what color cover to wear for the day.

     –SEE NOTES BELOW FOR YOUR OTHER WARDROBE REQUIREMENTS for your individual characters—


 BUS DRIVER – please wear bring a variety of casual pants, shirts, jackets and caps (NO logos!)

 TEACHERS – please wear/bring multiple options of casual professional attire

 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS – khaki pants, khaki skirts, white polo shirts, white button up dress shirts, casual footwear, cardigans, jackets –AND- a couple changes of nice, casual clothes that you might wear to be in the audience of a beauty pageant.  **Please also bring with you backpacks & book bags to be used as props, items that you would carry your school books in. Do NOT wear too  much makeup, you should try to look as YOUNG as possible.

SKY & SAND PAGEANT GIRLS – MUST have cowboy boots, also bring short sexy skirts, cute western or nice tops, belts, cowboy hats (if you have them) and jewelry to match your outfits. *YOU MUST COME WITH YOUR HAIR & MAKEUP ALREADY DONE AS IF YOU ARE COMPETING IN A PAGEANT. LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!

SCHOOL BOYS in audience – wear/bring clothes that are in good repair, nice casual clothes that you would wear to be in the audience of a beauty pageant. You MUST be clean shaven with NO facial hair at all!

PARENTS – wear/bring options of better casual to business casual wear as if you are going to see your child in a beauty pageant, look good! *We would like it if you could bring cameras & video cameras to be used as props, but do so at your own discretion as you will be responsible for these items.

 PAGEANT JUDGES – please wear/bring an upscale, well put together look

 PAGEANT PHOTOGRAPHERS – wear/bring a casual professional look, photographers vests, camera bags, etc.  Look professional.

 DUKE CITY PAGEANT GIRLS – head to toe long pageant gowns (NO black, red or white), matching shoes & accessories. You can come dressed casually and change into your gown. If you have more than one, please bring options. *YOU MUST COME WITH YOUR HAIR & MAKEUP ALREADY DONE AS IF YOU ARE COMPETING IN A PAGEANT. LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!

IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE or are lost – PLEASE CALL 505-366-9863 and leave a message, we will call you back as soon as we can.  This is an EMERGENCY NUMBER ONLY if you are lost or running late!! Get directions online, print them out and take them with you!!


-DO NOT bring friends or family who are not booked to work with you to set. This is a closed set and guests/visitors are NOT allowed! You and your guest will be sent home without working if you bring someone to work with you.

-Leave your pets at home, they are not allowed on set and can NOT be left in your car! DO NOT LEAVE PETS IN YOUR CAR!!!

-Please DO NOT bring valuables (cameras, large sums of money, expensive jewelry, etc). to set with you. We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen valuables, they are your responsibility.

-Absolutely NO CAMERAS or Video Equipment!! You WILL be sent home if you are caught with a camera/video camera on set. This is a CLOSED SET at all times and photography is strictly prohibited!!

-Please don’t approach the actors to ask for autographs. It disrupts their work day and could get you kicked off set.

-Be sure to show up on time

-Please DO NOT cancel at the last minute or simply not show up – you are hired to do a job and we count on you being responsible so that we can do our job properly. You are an important part of this scene today which is why we have hired you and if you don’t show up, it cause problems for the entire production and could cause you to not be hired again in the future for this or any On Location Casting project.


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